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A Notice to Previous Customers: 

Thank you for your return to our new website! Please note: this is a completely New website. Customers who have made previous orders will not have their purchases in their accounts. As all accounts will have to be recreated. This is an unfortunate inconvenience and we do apologize. 


Important: What you see available on the website is what we currently have available. A lot of material was lost from the old website so we will do our best to accommodate everyone with what we have. A lot of material needs to be reshot and uploaded. At this time, no physical products are available on this website. 

Please send us an email with the materials you've purchased in the past and we will put them into your account manually. 

Please follow these steps: 

1. Create a new account on this website

2.  Email us with your previous orders. 

Note: We are still working to get back a considerable number of products that were lost on the previous website. Please bear with us while we recreate everything on this new site. 

We're sorry for the inconvenience, but we are more than happy to help as much as possible. 


Please Note: All digital orders are available for download for 30 days from your order date. If you need to re-download an item you purchased outside of the 30-day window please email us @  (include your original order number, name and email in your email) 

Please Do Not use this website as a storage space for your digital products. Please download your items as soon as you complete your purchase.