Boudoir Bill Divination

Boudoir Bill Divination


There are dozens of bank note serial number divinations, but few have

a reason for being performed. In this exclusive, Brian Curry gives

theatrical meaning to the BOUDOIR BILL DIVINATION. It plays perfectly

with the smooth BOUDOIR BILL method. Try it and you’ll see.

Imagine you are in a restaurant, bar or pub. You announce that this

is the anniversary of an important event. You will show everyone

something they will remember for years.

After the BOUDOIR BILL preliminaries have been done and a spectator

is standing holding the borrowed bill, you say,

"Every profession has an ultimate challenge. In golf,

it's the hole in one. In math, it's memorizing the

number pi."

(Side note: the math geeks in the audience like to shake their