Boudoir Bill Divination

Boudoir Bill Divination


There are dozens of bank note serial number divinations, but few have

a reason for being performed. In this exclusive, Brian Curry gives

theatrical meaning to the BOUDOIR BILL DIVINATION. It plays perfectly

with the smooth BOUDOIR BILL method. Try it and you’ll see.

Imagine you are in a restaurant, bar or pub. You announce that this

is the anniversary of an important event. You will show everyone

something they will remember for years.

After the BOUDOIR BILL preliminaries have been done and a spectator

is standing holding the borrowed bill, you say,

"Every profession has an ultimate challenge. In golf,

it's the hole in one. In math, it's memorizing the

number pi."

(Side note: the math geeks in the audience like to shake their heads

in agreement to this. Silly muggles.)


"Psychics got our ultimate challenge in the late 70s.

In a brilliant move of PR, George Washington

University offered a Million Dollar Challenge: They

took 1 million one dollar bills and locked them in a

safe. They invited the top psychics of the day to

their campus. A psychic was seated in an examination

room, the researchers would open the safe and

randomly pull out one of the bills. If the psychic

could reveal the serial number on the bill, he could

keep the entire million dollars!

The challenge lasted months, but no one won the money.

In truth, almost no one stepped up to the plate to try.

Over the years, revealing a serial number became

something of an epic goal in our field.

But that’s not where the story ends.

Exactly ten years ago, on this very night, (DATE), J.

Alton West III was able to successfully reveal the

serial number from a randomly selected dollar bill.

Of course, the George Washington University challenge

was already over and he never collected a penny.

Still, in memory of that fantastic feat, I'd like to

show you how I believe he achieved this near miracle.


The story is vivid enough that the audience only remembers that a bill

was borrowed and held by the spectator. Later, upon reflection, they may

remember the effect the way it’s described in the challenge. You simply

revealed the serial number on any dollar bill! And they may remember

that you did it years before without collecting the $1,000,000!


BOUDOIR BILL DIVINATION is the perfect method for this wonderful

presentation. It’s fast, smooth and undetectable. It works impromptu

anywhere and any time. Make your announcement, get your participant,

borrow a bill and tell the story.

Brian has already used this presentation a dozen times and his

audiences LOVE it. Yours will too.