Boudoir Q&A

Boudoir Q&A



Here is the quick, effective and easy routine that kept people lined up

for readings. Approximately half a dozen index

cards and pencils are handed out to guests in the lobby. Theyʼre requested

to think of a question they would ask a psychic if they had the chance and to

write it on their cards. Each participant will print his or her name at the bottom

of the index card.


Envelopes are passed out, the questions are sealed inside and

collected by a volunteer. These sealed envelopes are placed on the crystal gazerʼs table off to the side. He NEVER touches the sealed envelopes. Apparently, by gazing into a crystal

ball, the psychic is able to identify one of the participants. The person is described and pointed out of the crowd. His full name is given. Facts about the man are revealed and finally,

his question is fully answered! Because the super psychic only has time for one public demonstration,

those who wrot e questions are instructed to wait in line for a personal reading. While they linger, a waitress brings drinks and refreshments.