Dead or Alive

Dead or Alive


Dead or Alive is not just a L&D test, it’s a way to allow the subject to use your pendulum to find one name among many THEMSELVES! 

Docc has performed this thousands of times – now you can have all his knowledge. 


EFFECT: You explain the difference between a poltergeist and a haunting.  

You demonstrate how to use a pendulum to discover psychic forces. 

The subject uses the pendulum and it moves in different ways when held over a coin or a business card. 

Although the subject has never used a pendulum before, she is fully successful in it’s operation. 


Now you show a haunting. 

A subject privately writes the name of a deceased celebrity on the back of a business card. 

This card is mixed among several other cards that have initials of living friends written on them. 

The subject mixes the cards and spreads them on the table in any arrangement. 

She holds the pendulum over various cards and decides which should be eliminated. 

The final card gets no response from the pendulum! 

She places the pendulum on the final card so no one can peek at it. 

The other cards are turned over and all have initials of living friends. 

The subject has found the dead name HERSELF! 


But you’re not finished. 

You place you hand on the subject’s shoulder and begin to describe the deceased. 

Finally, you reveal the name! 


Dead or Alive is the effect that when shown to waiters has had dessert brought for the entire table! 

It’s been free drinks from bartenders. 

And it has sold more than one tour to agents. 


  • You get a 30 minute MP4 video showing every move and technique. Recorded LIVE.
  • You also get 1:20 minute MP3 audio file explaining how to get subjects to make the pendulum move as you wish without effort on your part. 
  • Once learned, you can use your new power on Ouija boards as well. 
  • And you’ll get a PDF eBook explaining why L&D tests can be em