Dead Velvet

Dead Velvet


Briefly. The spirit medium is seated in a cabinet. A committee inspects a 12’ length of rope. This is laid

on the medium’s lap. He goes into a light trance. The curtains are drawn closed. After about one minute the medium asks for the curtain

to be opened. The spirits have wrapped the rope around the  medium’s legs twice and tied them securely with four or five tight knots. His wrists have been tied with several loops and tightly synched

with half a dozen knots! The committee inspects the multiple knots around the

medium’s wrists. They are quite tight and secure. In fact, the medium’s handsare getting cold due to lack of circulation.

There is no way the medium could have tied himself. There is no way he could have tied that many

knots in the rope in that short of time. This is no way the entire length of 12’ could have been so tightly

wrapped around the meidum W I T H O U T ASSISTANCE!

That assistance was apparently the spirits! This alone is proof of spirit

communion. But there’s much, much more!

The medium goes into a deeper trance. The curtain is closed again. Instantly bells ring, tambourines shake and trumpets fly. When all is quiet, the committee opens the curtains, again no more

than a few seconds after the activity, and the medium is in the EXACT POSITION his was in before. Still securely tied. Anything is possible with this one man seance method.