Death Flight Chair Routine

Death Flight Chair Routine


Death Flight


You and your five friends accept a mysterious invitation for a midnight airline flight, to nowhere.

When the six of you arrive at the airfield, a beautiful sleek plane is waiting.

On board an alluring and dangerously beautiful flight attendant seats all six of you on one side of the plane, leaving six seats across the isle empty.

You’re the only passengers.

You buckle up, the lights go down and the plane takes off.

but when you reach maximum altitude the flight attendant asks you if your name is printed clearly on your boarding pass.

You look down; and it’s not your name.

the name on your boarding pass is the name of someone else; someone who’s DEAD!


When you look around, you see all of your friends are gone!

You are the only one on the DEATH FLIGHT!


DEATH FLIGHT is an amazing chair routine that treats the routine like real theater.

Twelve chairs make up what looks like a single row of seats on the airline; six seats, an isle and six more seats.


A group of volunteers play the parts of the passengers.

Another woman from the audience plays the part of the mysterious flight attendant.

The boarding passes are blank slips of card placed in envelopes.


But what happens in this mighty routine lifts it far above any other chair routine.

Rather than a simple prediction, there a SIX SEPARATE CLIMAXES.


  • There is MIND READING.
  • A LIVING and DEAD effect.
  • There a new type of GHOSTETIC TOUCH trick.
  • A dramatic DEMATERIALIZATION, and REMATERIALIZATION of a distinctly marked item transported across the stage while in the participants hands.


And all of these seemingly impossible feats are conducted under the scrutiny of the committee on stage.



The multiple prediction is which participant will be the DEAD MAN, where he will sit, details about his real life and the name of a randomly imagined DEAD NAME!


So much more than a chair prediction.