Docc Hilford's 50 Years of Seance!

Docc Hilford's 50 Years of Seance!

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50 Years of Séance

Docc Hilford


Séance Theatre of the hottest types of modern mentalism right now, but the fees are higher.

The audiences can be as few as 12 people and they always seem more appreciative than those of simple mentalism demonstrations.


Séance Theatre can be easier to book than straight mentalism shows.


You know that a magic show in the dark is NOT what people are looking for.

Today’s audiences want something sophisticated.

They want a presentation that’s new and fresh.

Something that can’t be found elsewhere.

A modern Séance Theatre can deliver that rare and wonderful product that demands good fees.

And you can perform them without the need of subject’s at a table!


Many Séance routines are based on Victorian gatherings.

Audiences feel these demonstrations are old and tired.

If you have a new presentation for Séance Theatre, how can it be presented in a contemporary manner?


Make a wrong pitch, and the clients get a bad impression.

People aren’t interested in talking to deceased loved ones in a show.


Docc Hilford has been presenting Séance Theatre of various types, for 50 YEARS!

and now HE’S RECORDED 8 HOURS of his experiences FOR YOU!



Docc’s performed more séances than most mentalists will ever read about.

He’s been successful at DOZENS of styles of séance performances.

He’s also FAILED at many ideas - so he KNOWS what will work and won’t!


It’s impossible to measure the value of FIFTY YEARS of professional experience in any field.

But ACTUAL inside information about professional Séance Theatre is so precious that many highly guarded secrets, methods and bits of business, are never shared with mentalists.


In 50 YEARS OF SÉANCE Docc Hilford shares EVERYTHING!

If you could spend over 8 HOURS with Docc Hilford, picking his brain for Séance gold, you’d want to ask some general questions, like:


  • What is a Séance?
  • What is Séance Theatre?
  • What kind of Séance Theatre is applicable to the 21st Century?
  • Can a Séance be modern?
  • Must the medium communicate with Dead Loved Ones?
  • What’s the difference between a table Séance and a hall Séance?
  • How serious should a Séance be?
  • Is a good Séance frightening or fun?


Or you could ask about the business side, such as:


  • How do I sell Séance Theatre?
  • Where can I stage Séance Theatre?
  • How should I stage it?
  • Can I sell merchandise?
  • What about private readings?
  • Can I use a trumpet?


And maybe you’d need to find out about:


  • What’s his favorite Séance?
  • Which is the most practical Séance?
  • Can he share a few funny stories?
  • Was he every caught?
  • What was his worst experiences with Séance Theatre?



  • How do I do Séance Theatre LIVE?
  • How can I distance my audience?
  • Will a paying audience pay a higher fee for Séance Theatre than for a mentalism show?


Here is over 8 HOURS of inside information.

Not previously publish ideas!  


THESE ARE NOT JUST TRICKS with which Docc has played around. 




EVERYTHING IS EXPLAINED and Docc illustrates much of his points with accompanying stories from his past.


Here’s a partial list of subjects from the VOLUME 1 OF 4, of the Table of Contents:


  • Corporate Séances
  • Frat House Parties
  • Blue Light Special
  • Fogel Corinda Ghost Walk
  • Pitching Tarantulas
  • Ouija Boards
  • Clipboards
  • Channeling


and 86 more chapters...


That’s just VOLUME 1!



Each Volume is OVER 2 HOURS long,

packed full of insights, tips, routines, acts, successes and failures.


That’s over 8 HOURS of MP3 files!


There is more information in this set than you will be able to use in a LIFETIME!

Because these recordings are from a LIFETIME of performing!

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