Dr. A Q&A

Dr. A Q&A


Imagine you’re in Columbus, Ohio, circa 1901.

Dr. A is an fun loving, itinerant psychic, who loves to give free demonstrations in cabarets, leading to sales of his marvelous personality charts.
Tonight, a small piano bar is the special venue for the infamous Dr. A to demonstrate his uncanny psychic abilities.
A pianist finishes his set and announces that its time for the audience to have their minds read and their futures told!
Dr. A comes forward to polite applause.
He sits near a small table with drink and his cigarettes, an ashtray and an empty glass.
He explains who he is, what he’ll demonstrate and how the audience can participate.
Interest in this man begins to build through the dark club.
Dr. A has a jovial personality and seems to be a likeable man, people are ready to play along.
As he walks between the tables, he hands out several slips of stiff paper and pencils to about seven or so participants of both genders.
The subjects are instructed to write a brief question on the slip, then fold it once each way.
Dr. A returns to each subject so they can drop their questions in the empty glass that he then carries.

Then it’s back to the front of the room.
The glass of folded, unknown queries is set on the table next to the doctor’s drink.

A skeptical MAN from the audience is asked to come up to help Dr. A.
He’s present to ensure that absolutely no dishonesty accuses.
Dr. A shakes the glass and the folded slips jumble positions.
The MAN picks out one folded paper from the glass.
The master mentalist tells the participants in the audience not to give any clues as to who
wrote this question; no speaking or nodding.
While the MAN holds the folded slip safely in his fist, Dr. A psychically determines the
gender of the writer.
It’s a woman,” he declares.
He answers her question directly and sends the MAN into the audience with the folded paper still  clenched in his fist.
Eyes closed, Dr. A directs the MAN back and to the right, then stops the MAN near a far table.
He tells him to hand the paper to a woman in a yellow blouse, wearing glasses.
There is such a woman.
She takes the folded paper.
Dr. A asks her if the answer he gave matched her question.
She indicates it did, in fact.

To be clear, Dr. A establishes that he and the woman have never met before this moment, nor have they arranged anything prior to the show.
Dr. A correctly reveals the woman’s written question.
In an apparent flash of insight, Dr. A suddenly reveals the woman’s name!

And even her BIRTHDAY!
(The participants were only told to write a simple question.)
Dr. A tells the MAN to take his seat and the full demonstration begins amidst appreciative applause.

Between puffs on his cigarette and gulps of amber liquid, Dr. A gives the glass of folded slips a few shakes and removes papers at random.
He holds each folded slip up for all but himself to see, keeping it out of his line of vision.
Using each folded paper as a point of contact, the psychic prophet remarkably answers the questions of the other participants, and reveals the actual questions.
He tells everything about the person who wrote the question; their past, present and future!
Sometimes he reveals a specific name or date or even their birthday!
The slips are NOT OPENED by Dr. A, and the folded, answered question slips are disposed in the trash.
During the demonstration, Dr. A will answer a question, and may toss the folded paper into the audience to be passed back to the author, letting anyone else look to see that the answer matches the question on the paper.
In the middle of the demonstration, he just answers a specific question without touching a folded slip!

Then, after identifying the subject, Dr. A used psychometry to find the actual folded paper with her question!



Finally, only one folded slip is left untouched in the glass.
The MAN who helped earlier carries glass and mysterious paper to the only remaining
Her hand covers the mouth of the glass.
The untouched, folded paper is virtually sealed in the glass.

He correctly answers her question.
Without ever seeing the woman before, Dr. A reveals her MOTHER’S NAME!
Finally, she removes the paper from the glass and silently reads her question.
Dr. A concentrates and repeats aloud exactly, word-for-word as she reads!

A remarkable demonstration of true psychic phenomena.
After a gracious bow, Dr. A states that he’ll be at a side table offering personality charts at a discounted price.