Palms of the Desert

Palms of the Desert


This routine has been one of my simple, yet potent secrets since 2002. In a discussion with

two brilliant Davids, Berglas and Alexander, it was decided a simple challenge of determining

a person’s occupation from looking at their palms alone would be extremely impressive.

As a practical performer I went for the simplest, cleanest and most direct method. As a result,

you won't find an Earth-shattering new device. But you will find an amazing way to

undeiniably convince the audience you are a palm reading expert.

After using this routine in ladies’ psychic parties, I soon

discovered a one-on-one aspect that is priceless. Use it when you want to

I decided I would not publish it for the masses because I use it frequently; especially the oneon-

one variation at the end of the manuscript. Over years I have shared it with only a handful of professional workers.

I happily share it now with you,


The simple claim you make is this: you can look at anyone’s hands and tell what they do for

a living.