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Shame is a way to alter a normal deck of cards so it will perform near miracles.


Shame can instantly reveal a chosen card or cards.

It can mentally force cards on others.

You can use the "gimmicked" deck for several other effects before or after using Shame.

While in use, it's practally invisible.

The deck can be displayed freely and even inspected to a degree.

The "gimmick" can be removed, as such, and the deck will be normal.


Shame comes with 10 fully explained tricks.

You can perform the classics in an entirerly new way.

Toss Out Deck - Three Pellet Test - ACAAN can all be done with Shame.


Comes complete with:

An hour long MP4 video instructions

A secind hour long video of 10 tricks

A PDF file ebook, The New Best Billet Routine


Shame is a download and requires some simple alteration to a deck you supply.

Works on almost any cards.

  • Comes Complete

    An Hour long MP4 Video - Another Hour long MP4 video of 10 tricks - A PDF file ebook of The New Best Billet Routine