Switchblade is a NEW billet peek that allows you to stealthily read any written information. 

Vastly superior to previous glimpses or tears. 



EFFECT: You ask a subject to think of anything from their birthday to a question to which they need an answer. 

The subject writs the information on a white piece of index card the size of a business card. 

They fold it in half and fold a flap over the top making it into a tiny envelope with the written information safely hidden inside. 

“Make sure it's completely closed so that no one can read it, especially me”, you tell the subject. 

 You take the folded card, and show that no writing bleeds through either side and, “As long as this little flap is folded down,” you add, “the envelope is completely sealed.” 

The subject takes a paperclip and places it on the folded paper himself. 

He keeps the folded, sealed and clipped card and puts it in his wallet, but it’s too late! 

You already know what’s written! 

The read is so stealth that at a recent convention, magicians have believed a stooge was used in the demonstration. 


This is organic mentalism at its best. 

Nothing is prepared besides the folding of the card. 

You are ALWAYS ready to read someone’s mind – without fussing or forcing. 

SWITCHBLADE is easy to learn. 

You’ll be reading thoughts the same afternoon as you watch the MP4 Video Download. 

You Get: 

  • 45 minute Preview Call MP3 Audio file 

  • 30 minute MP4 Video Instructions 

  • 1 hour MP3 Audio Additional Details 

  • 1.5 hour MP3 Audio Follow-up Call