The Seance Package

The Seance Package


A set of seance theater productions. All different. All original.

Plus how to sell it, spirit ties, red light, and more.

H.P. Lovecraft’s “From Beyond”



Seances can be big money.

Not only in October, but all year long.

The secret to a long running seance theater is to be able to change the TYPE of seance throughout the year.

I’m putting together my top grossing seance theater shows in a Seance Pro-Package,

LE CARNAVAL DES SPECTRES has nearly $700.00 worth of material.

But you can get them all for 73% OFF!!!

These programs are far from glowing ghosts in the dark.

Each of the horror plays are completely different from the others.

Every week I’ll add a new Seance Theatre piece to Les Carnaval Des Spectre Pro-Package.

And each time I do, the sale price will increase…

until it meets the $700.00 retail price.

The sooner you get the package, the less you’ll pay.


  • Horrors of the Orient
  • The Communion Seance
  • The FREAK SHOW Seance 
  • H.P. Lovecraft’s From Beyond


  • Barb Wire Spirit Tie


  • An Appalachian Haunting
  • The Barbed Wire Spirit Tie
  • Alexander’s Red Light Seance
  • Hull’s Impromptu Seance
  • E.A. Poe’s Black Cat
  • A Krampus Kristmas
  • Koran’s Hand

None of these have ever seen print.

And lots more!


The FREAK SHOW Seance – is a spine tingling event held behind the dirty canvas.

The spirits of deceased sideshow performers make themselves apparent by performing acts with broken glass, a rusty animal trap, and a LIVE electric tattoo needle!

When the lights go out, the needle starts to fly!

H.P. Lovecraft’s From Beyond –The effects are clear, pure and monstrous.

While sitting in the semidarkness, your audience watches your face change and mutate into several hideous creatures, as well as other people!
In the darkness they see flying, glowing green creatures with thousands of needle teeth in rows on tentacles that reach and grab!
Finally, a giant humanoid head appears hovering above the circle drawing closer and closer!

An Appalachian Haunting – Granny’s weerd stuff brings spirits home that communicate through messages spelled out with needles and pins.

Corn cob pipes that smoke on their own.

Bizarre question answering through dead animals.

And an old wooden fiddle, that after the sitters have handled it, plays all by itself!

While they watch – it cries and moans.

All done in the light.

No darkness required.

Here’s how to get all the free advertising you’ll need.

The Barbed Wire Spirit Tie – a wrist tie done with 18 inches of wire and a pair pliers will shock the Yell out of your sitters.

After the medium is wired in his chair, the spirits do the craziest things.

Instant in and out.

And it’s inspectable enough for press work!

I’ve never shared this tie with anyone outside of those I’ve worked with.

The two newest Seance theater pieces, Horrors of the Orient and The Communion Seance are in the package as a free bonus.

Their individual descriptions are coming soon.