The Secret to Perfect Paid Performances

The Secret to Perfect Paid Performances


Imagine a show that is the greatest you have ever performed.

At the conclusion of your act, everyone involved is

very pleased. The person who hired you is so happy she

can’t express it in words. The audience is so impressed that they

applaud for what seems an almost endless period. Everyone who

helped you on stage feels privileged to have been in your show. The

agent who recommended you can’t wait to schedule more shows

with you. The local press sings your praises for days after the show

and even you have a tremendous feeling of accomplishment.

Every trick, illusion and effect is in your show because it is

your favorite and uniquely yours, each performed to a degree higher

than anyone’s expectations. Imagine that you wear what you want,

perform where you wish and speak uncensored.

All of this and you are able to ask any fee you wish, and it is happily paid!

If this show was a reality how much would you ask for your next fee? Would you double it? Triple it? Or even quadruple your present fee? It would be up to you, remember they will pay whatever

you ask. The beautiful thing is all these things are possible by learning and applying the systems taught in this course. Combined with hard work and dedication, the systems in this course create