The Wizard's Manual

The Wizard's Manual



A subject chooses a random page and remembers the first word or sentence, along with the page number.

The subject holds the book throughout the demonstration.

The mentalist reveals the chosen word, sentence and page number.

When the subject opens the book, she finds her chosen page has previously been ripped from the book!

She can flip through all the remaining pages; THERE IS NO DUPLICATE PAGE to be found.



Docc Hilford has developed a new trick with an added punch.

It has stunned magicians and mentalists at every convention at which it has been shown.

It sold out in the first hour of its release!

The Wizard’s Manual has been seen on TV dozens of times, performed by dozens of professionals.

It won national talent contests.

Here’s what all the excitement is about.


A spectator is handed an envelope. He randomly selects a page from a paperback book and remembers the page number and a few words on that page.

The spectator holds on to the book.

The magician is able to reveal the words only thought of by the spectator.

The mage asks the spectator to open the