Dr. J. Alton West III


Purposely maintaining a low profile on social media, Dr. J. Alton West III remains a highly sought after specialist in the field of sex, love and relationships. 

He has lectured and conducted workshops in 16 countries on 5 continents, and at the prestigious Smithsonian Institute. 


He is a fully trained Hoodoo practitioner and conjuror; originally tutored by his Great Grandmother who lived in New Orleans to be 106 years old. 

He is a third generation Christian Minister ordained in both Pentecostal and Spiritual churches. 


Dr. West holds two degrees from The University of Albuquerque and is the recipient of numerous awards, including The Esoteric Order of Pan and The Order of the Silver Key. 


When he makes time for a hobby, Dr. West enjoys music and painting, or traveling with his adult daughter. 


Dr. J. Alton West’s first Book for the general public, Psychic Sex, is scheduled to be published by the end of the year. 




Solar Eclipse

Dr. J. Alton West III offers clients four basic services. 


Psychic Sex Lessons:

Each session lasts over 60 minutes and covers how to find and keep the lover you desire, and how to experience the greatest sex in your life. 

Private Lesson ...................... $175 per

Workshop with 12 or more ....$80 per

Hi my friend,

I’m Dr. J. Alton West. 

Among other things, I’m a full time Hoodoo  practitioner. 

One of my specialties is Sex, Love and Relationship issues. 


This year, at the 2020 Virtual Hoodoo Heritage Festival you may have seen my workshop on Psychic Sex Magic. 

Now, you can continue to learn even more details that fit you personally. 


Discover more about how to:

* find a perfect partner - if you’re looking,

* keep your partner - if you’re not,

and best of all, 

* how to experience the best sex of your life, every single day!



These sessions are open to all genders, all orientations and adults of all ages. 


Additional Services:


Hoodoo Magnetic Readings (Chakras):

The session last 60 minutes and finds and corrects your weak fluid locations. 

Private .…............. $175


Personal Ancestor Readings:

Meet your ancestral guardians, discover your true potential, learn to enhance your life. 

Private 30 minutes............. $90

Private 60 minutes ........... $175


Hoodoo Court Case Work:

Flat hourly rate .......... $175 per hour 


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